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Auto Truck Transport moves class 8 trucks from manufacturers to dealers throughout North America. We transport these trucks using the "saddle-mount" method of delivery, referred to as "decking".

We attach up to 5 trucks using devices called saddles and booms. Saddles and booms are mounted to the chassis of each truck and are extremely strong to withstand forces created throughout the transport process.

Below are representative photos of each type of mounting.

Decking: 2-way Saddle

2-Way Saddle

Decking: 2-way Boom

2-Way Boom

Decking: 3-way Saddle

3-Way Saddle

Decking: 3-way Boom

3-Way Boom

Decking: 4-way Saddle

4-Way Saddle

Decking: 5-way Saddle

5-Way Saddle