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Why drive for us?

No waiting around

We are confident you will find the truck transport segment of our industry a truly unique opportunity, even a culture change. No more warehouses, steel mills or sitting around truck stops waiting on the next load.

Simple return travel

ATT is different than other driving jobs. Because you deliver the trucks you drive, you will need return transportation. When you deliver your load, we will fly you either back to your home terminal or to one of our other terminals for backhaul. You may also get a back haul to your home area.

Air travel is made simple today with the use of electronic tickets instead of paper tickets. All you have to do is show a picture ID at the ticket counter, receive a boarding pass and you are on your way to the gate. A special bonus is that you keep all the frequent flyer miles!


Motel accomodations are provided while on the road. You will carry a corporate lodging motel directory and credit card to pay for your room.


We are a union carrier with top pay and benefits. Retirement pension is provided as well as full medical benefits for the entire family with no contribution from the employee. Medical Benefits go into effect after 30-days of employment. Also provided are annual safety bonuses, 10 paid holidays plus 1 personal day, and paid vacation.


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